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11 May, 2022

A Deep Dive into SEO Trends

SEO plays a vital role in every aspect of the digital world. It’s vital for brands, digital marketing and advertising because without a solid SEO plan in place, consumers and target audiences cannot find out nor be made aware of what’s being offered or being marketed.


As is understood, SEO (search engine optimization) is all about making sure what you’re offering actually lands itself on the search page and despite a few off base keywords, what’s being put into the search engine, leads to you. Like with every other component of the digital world, SEO techniques and algorithms evolve and so, this too is something that needs to be noted and kept up with. 


So, here’s a concise understanding of the current SEO trends. 


  1. Great imagery will be a heavier focus by Google Discover: If you weren’t aware before, Google Discover is a bank of content, easily accessible and swipable on your phone made for you using a tailored algorithm based on your likes, location and a deep read of your web searches. Visuals are fast becoming an important tool for Google and image search is becoming more bankable. Sites that have good imagery on them, rank better from an SEO point of view.


  1. Interactive Content is to be on the Rise: If your content prompts customers to engage, be it with polls, quizzes or even infographics, there’s a chance that you’ll rank better. There’s a chance interactive content will get double the interaction as opposed to static content. Also, with the Metaverse on the rise, interactivity will definitely play a much bigger role. 


  1. Content Creation might start working in tandem with AI: Be it humor, with or phrases laced with empathy, content engagement relies on human touch. With the advent of AI though, the art of copy creation is taking on a far more developed role with lots of investment in natural language processing to improve algorithms’ understanding of search engines. AI technology will be useful since automation could be used to generate copy elements in bulk but with the perfect tonality and phrasing that will harness users at all costs, eliminating the potential to upset some. 


  1. Answer-Based Content: Consumers today want answers and that’s what they search for. Customers are more likely to turn to devices for solutions and so content marketers have the opportunity to devise content that provides effective solutions thereby ranking higher. FAQ schemes are one good example of how to tackle this content.


Creating SEO optimized content builds a foundation that ensures your brand and your ideas are finding a key place in search engines. So, get researching and planning because this is the time for content!