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04 July, 2022

Additional Business Skills To Drive Digital Transformation – Part 2

We’ve driven home the point that digital transformation is imperative, essential and crucial to your business consistently showing an upward moving graph in regards to revenue and success with engagement. 

While we can wax on eloquent about the very many things one can do to use digital transformation to their benefit, there are some key pieces to complete the puzzle for sure, the building bricks that will definitely promise a positive drive and at the same time ensure, all other strategies and operational plans work fluently without hiccups.

  1. Metaverse: Yes, it’s new and it’s still developing but it is the ultimate playing field. Why? Because it allows people to interact in an immersive manner. It’s already dug its claws into the marketplace for buying, selling and minting platforms and unsurprisingly, most major businesses will have a presence in it soon. Through the metaverse, businesses can engage differently with customers and showcase their products virtually with potential avatars which is so important.


  1. Enterprise Mobility Management: With the pandemic, it became an absolute necessity to have access to information storage and human resource management without being within the four walls of an office. Remote work and collaboration with vendors/clients/partners is key for getting the most cost-effective and efficient solutions outside of conventional mannersisms. 
  2. AI, Machine Learning and Robotics: Automation is super important only because it allows for you to focus on other objectives that require more time and attention. Automation has immense impact on industries and their workflow in many aspects: manufacturing, retail, customer service, administration etc. Developing on this assets helps in the rapid growth of the business in the digital world.  


  1. Blockchain: Digital currency is picking up pace, a familiar one being Tokens. Also, NFTs. The technology of blockchain can be used to trace transactions, especially multi-step ones, increases transparency and enhances security. A crucial element to have especially if your business has dealings with security and data transfer.


Ensuring your business staff is equipped with digital knowledge is a challenge, yes. But if you wish for your business to survive and more than that, stay above waters, this is one of many things that can and should be done.