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29 June, 2022

Business Skills Needed To Drive Digital Transformation – Part 1

It’s an established fact that digital transformation is inevitable and a step all businesses round
the world need to take should they wish to continue. Where once speed was the biggest
advantage of digital technology, it is now one of many when it comes to digital
transformation. Convenience and power play more important roles since they provide
accessibility and interactivity which is far more versatile.
Businesses who have worked towards digital transformation have already been propelled
forwards. By having a workforce with the knowledge and digital talent required, companies
can definitely aim towards gaining a more competitive edge.
What exactly should businesses be doing to improve their performance and engagement for a
more improved digital transformation?
1. Digital Literacy: We assume that everyone around us is digitally literate to some
extent and that complacent assumption can cost us. Businesses need team members
who know how to use online tools. It’s also important to ensure business staff are
aware and on the lookout for up and coming digital trends
2. Data and Digital Security: Data breaches are becoming very common due to an
increase in cyberattacks. Have people as part of your business who know the ins and
outs of digital security. Without it, you risk leaving your customers and yourself
extremely vulnerable.
3. Digital Marketing: Marketing departments should bear in mind rising social media
channels and their extensive use while also exploring interactive possibilities that
could drive their digital media. Through digital transformation, the level of
engagement can be exploited on far more levels than before.
4. Data Analysis: Data is invaluable regardless of the situation. By analyzing your
business’s actionable data, you could pinpoint weaknesses and on the flipside,
capitalize on strengths but only if your business has the skillset to interpret the data
and draw meaningful conclusions.
If you liked the sound of these bits, keep an eye out for more. The more there are tips, the
handier it is to work, right?