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17 May, 2022

Can AI Be Used for SEO


It’s been established that AI can be extremely useful in improving SEO strategies and making it that much stronger when it comes to ensuring brands are highlighted and landed on the first search pages when customers type out certain keywords.


But could we use AI for something besides the improvement of SEO?


The answer is yes. Yes, we can. 


Sure, having a theoretical understanding of AI and how it can contribute to SEO is one thing but having the practical know-how that can help utilize it correctly, is another. Add to that, if you know where to use this knowledge, you’ll be one step ahead in determining your success and controlling the benefits of AI based SEO. 


How do we go about it?


  1. Content Optimization: While AI for SEO would offer ways to improve content, by using AI SEO tools, one could analyze the content at hand. Be that understanding how to structure paragraphs, what headings to use or even how dense the keywords should be; all of which are important for getting good SERP.


  1. Keyword Research: Consider this to be a continuation of content optimization. AI can provide a wide selection of keywords to improve SEO. AI for SEO helps pick relevant keywords that have strong volume and offer reasonable competition. AI will help identity trending words and help discover topics making rounds in the industry. 


  1. SERP Analysis: The Search Engine Results Page is where your hard work shows its results. AI for SEO can be used to analyze similarities between top ranking content and that knowledge can be used to power your own SEO. Use the knowledge of your competitors to your advantage and get the leg-up you deserve.  


  1. Generating Topics: Providing good value to readers through content is essential and AI content tools can help with this. Enable AI to generate topics for yourself rather than wear out to death a previously existing topic. Don’t discuss a topic till its dust. Instead, improve content by touching on topics waiting to be discussed or even discovered. 


  1. Content Creation: Although content created by AI is vastly inferior to what professionals would achieve, creators can still use it as a base, tweak it to their liking and add or remove parts that help their creativity outshine the technicality of AI, hence making it palatable. 


Requirements for SEO are ever changing and ever evolving but some of the rules stay the same. So, the responsibility to stay ahead of the curve is yours. AI is just one tool. But it will definitely help with the process of adaptation in countless ways.