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16 May, 2022

Can AI improve SEO

Unspoken yet accepted and acknowledged everywhere, SEO is crucial for all businesses should they wish to be discovered and expand. While there was a time when SEO required good keyword research for a high ranking in content search, with the ever evolving digital world, unsurprisingly, one needs to adapt and become more sophisticated for SEO to truly hit the mark. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is slowly but steadily becoming a common usage with many companies worldwide using AI developments to some degree to help create new opportunities, seize existing ones and also, improve SEO strategies.

While the meaning of AI is convoluted and can mean different things depending on the context, in regards to SEO, AI is all about concepts like deep learning, machine learning and natural language processing. 

So how exactly can SEO strategy be improved upon through the use of AI?

  • Data Analysis: Since marketing is a game of numbers, analysis of numbers is obviously important when covering SEO. The massive amount of number crunching to be done is impossible by humans but not for AI


  • Content Analysis: AI can be used to analyze existing content and learn its premise for success. Understanding of it can help with the inspiration and wide ranging success of content for the future.
  • Efficiency: Time consuming requirements should be replaced with optimized practices for better productivity, for example, repetitive tasks that are required constantly.  AI powered SEO can help increase workflow by taking on massive portions of work that would otherwise be slowing humans down. 


  • Voice and Text Search Optimization: Yes, SEO heavily revolves around textual aspects but that does not mean voice search is to be forgotten. It too plays an important role. AI is superbly helpful in this regard because it can differentiate between voice and text search patterns to help with SEO especially since people’s words and phrases are different from their text searches.
  • Better UX: Happy customers always implies quality service. To make that service exponentially better, AI is good to fall back on. Not only can it make content better but it’ll also customize experiences to better suit each customer and will help identify requirements of the target audience in the future. 

All in all, AI trumps when it comes to how much it can be of aid and how easily it can help solidify SEO plans by making them far stronger than they originally were. Plus, it can definitely optimize the technical aspects of a website as well which is an added gain all round.