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19 April, 2022

Digital Marketing Jobs to Keep an Eye On

Regardless of time and space, if there’s one thing that’s here to stay and continue to be in demand, it’s the digital world. So what better field to have a foothold in than the digital one? What’s even better is that the demand for employees in this field is huge and has been for a while. Another perk to add to this, where some professions are very one-dimensional, careers in this field require a plethora of skills, wide ranging natural abilities and varying degrees of aptitude. So there’s something in there for anyone who has even the tiniest bit of interest.


Keeping in mind long-term employment and great salary trajectories, here are the areas to dip your toes into should you like to get a taste of the digital world


  1. Content Manager and Content Strategists


  • Understand and create SEO optimized content but also be able to organize, store and manage it.
  • Coordinate teams in charge of social media strategy, video engagement, content creation


  1. VR Developers and Editors


  • Combines technology and creativity. 
  • Gaming sector is key, can also be heavily influential in architecture, construction, retail and education


  1. SEO and SEM Specialists


  • Proven ability to rank websites, products and services high on search engine results


  1. UX Designers


  • In-depth understanding of website marketing and audience
  • Lead project management for visual designs and testing


  1. Email Marketing Specialist


  • Write persuasive and create effective email marketing strategies
  • In charge of campaigns, PR activities and have extensive databse of customer data and lists


  1. Digital Marketing Managers and Directors


  • Showcase solid grasp of marketing and business
  • Proven experience in strategic planning and financial forecasting


  1. Analysts and AI Specialists


  • Technical degrees and backgrounds in science provide an upper hand
  • Solid understanding of data optimization and in-depth knowledge of programming