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13 April, 2022

Digital Marketing Trends To Look Out For in 2022


To be a part of the digital world, be that professionally or recreationally, is to be very aware of just how fleeting trends can be. One minute they’re viral and surrounding you, almost chasing you and the next second, they’re gone, only to be replaced by the next big trend, similarly taking everyone by storm and enrapturing everyone’s attention.  

What key sectors should one watch out for to develop digital marketing, ensuring upward trajectories in web traffic and online sales?


  1. Social Media Trends


  • TikTok as a platform needs to be taken more seriously
  • Social shopping and its evolution with platforms working towards seamless payments that don’t require leaving the app
  • YouTube as an advertising platform is expected to explode


  1. Digital Marketing Job Trends


  • Digital marketing and social media marketing skills are in high demand
  • A more flexible lifestyle for professional lives, to dictate own working hours and work as ‘digital nomads’


  1. Digital Technology Trends


  • One word: METAVERSE
  • Importance of Artificial Intelligence and how it garners private information but also intrudes on privacy
  • Use of NFTs


  1. Customer Experience Trends


  • Consumers feel bolder, empowered and adventurous, seeking transparency from companies
  • Use of chatbots and other social media tools to engage with customers
  • Being ‘green’ or working towards sustainability is attractive and magnetic


  1. Search Marketing Trends


  • Maintaining and building email marketing lists
  • Understanding data better with Google Analytics 4


  1. Content Marketing and SEO Trends


  • Answer based content aligned with keywords matching content
  • Core Web Vitals not to be ignored enabling faster loading and converting visitors into sales