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17 June, 2022

Digital Marketing Trends You Just Have To Know About – Part 1

One would think that with Covid-19 and the pandemic putting a halt to practically everything, it would also slow down or maybe allow people to pick up from where they left off. Nope. The world of digitalization had other plans. Rather than going easy on the accelerator, it did the opposite. It propelled its rate exponentially.

Which is understandable if you think about it. Everyone was locked inside their houses. There was nothing to do other than scour the internet. Internet usage skyrocketed and so, companies and brands the world over had to adapt to the new norm ad adapt their strategies accordingly for their products and services to be successful in the current situation.

And while we’re almost half way through the year, there is always something to learn. Like perhaps, a few digital marketing trends that could be implemented with current digital business strategies?

  1. Visual Search: Search engines nowadays offer visual searches. Don’t know what an object is? Just upload its picture on the internet and it will tell you everything about it. To make use of this trend, digital marketers need to work on optimizing product images which would include adding alt text, descriptive file names, having image sitemaps and using appropriate sizes and formats for the images.


  1. Shoppable Posts: Customers find it handy shopping directly from social media rather than having to open up websites and apps. Create shoppable posts by working on making your business e-commerce friendly and add shoppable tags allowing for consumers to purchase through the marketing campaign directly.
  2. Gamification: Video game elements are proven to be quite engaging when used upon consumers for communicating, interacting and digital marketing. It is also a brilliant way to appeal to younger consumers and helps stand out against competitors.


  1. Marketing Automation: Also known as automated technology for digital marketing, this is a great help for employees. It manages tedious and repetitive tasks, hence freeing up space for digital marketers to focus on other aspects. 


Watch out for a part 2 because the buck doesn’t stop and neither do these trends!