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15 April, 2022

Eggcited for Easter?

Also called Pascha and Resurrection Day, Easter is considered a moveable feast that never falls on a set date, rather it’s decided upon based on a lunisolar calendar.

With Easter comes the infamous Easter Eggs, Easter Bunny and the Egg Hunt. Seen as symbolic for new life and also rebirth, the custom of the Easter Egg originated in the early community of Mesopotamia who stained eggs red in the memory of the blood of Christ — seeing that it was first created to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

Modern-day customs see the Easter Egg substituted with decorated chocolates and plastic eggs filled with candy such as jellybeans. The British company Cadbury sponsors the annual Easter Egg Hunt that takes place in over 250 different locations. In other traditions, children put out empty egg baskets for the Easter Bunny to fill.

So, with all this talk of eggs and chocolate, here’s a super easy Easter Egg recipe to whip up for friends and family!

- Using an egg mould (make sure to wash and dry each half properly) buff the inside with cotton to make them shine.

- Melt white chocolate until it is silky smooth and handy for painting!

- Portion out the white chocolate and mix in food colouring gel, go for a rainbow if you’d like or a single colour palette if you’d prefer, leaving some for design

- Pour in the melted and super colourful chocolate into the moulds and make sure to seal them as tempered chocolate cools quite fast.

- Place the moulds in the fridge overnight.

- The next day, carefully remove the moulds to reveal super colourful Easter eggs that are ready for devouring.

- Using the leftover white chocolate, perhaps draw some brushstrokes over the eggs to give it a more rustic farm feel or create freckles over the eggs by flicking the brush dipped in chocolate.

- Serve on a plate or go all out with a basket and see the excitement when people see your DIY eggs, even more so when they bite into them.

Here’s to the Easter chocolate and may it be never-ending. Hope this DIY makes for a fun and happy Easter!}