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24 May, 2022

Harmony between UX and AI


When it comes to innovation and expansion in business, it has always the customers who’ve been the driving force behind it. While businesses are constantly working on developing apps, websites and software to perfect user experience, the meteoric rise of AI might cause issues. These issues being the evident job threat to UX Designers.

The question then is, can UX and AI co-exist?


Results have shown that UX and AI can work towards and build a beneficial relationship. This is based on AI’s ability to enable UX designers by helping them do their job faster. Hence, without taking any risks that might hamper the cause, AI has become a useful tool for UX Designers 

  • Gathering Data: Harnessing of data from past user interactions is like striking gold for the AI x UI designers venture. This data helps AI analyze patters, predict user behaviors and helps streamline software. This practice gives designers better knowledge to work with and in turn improve products.


  • Automation: Automation cuts down on the many hours it would otherwise take to complete simple tasks that are slowed down because of their repetitive nature. With AI taking over this aspect, the action is becoming nailed to an almost exact size. Through this, and the optimization tools provided by AI, settings can be adjusted for websites, allowing trial of different options and saving valuable time. Similarly, AI provides relevant imagery that fit websites better and provide options to UX designers, cutting through their hassle of choosing between thousands of images.
  • Providing Options: AI might not be perfect at providing tailored and designed solutions for each customer and their needs. But the key thing to take away from this is the fact that they do in fact provide options, perfect or not. AI doesn’t make the decisions but it gives UX designers the options and mockups that in turn allow UX designers to make decisions faster and with more confidence. 

Co-existence works and it works well. It all comes down to the concept and how it’s turned into reality. Whether this be done smartly relying on the use of tactics that cut down work and hours or manually, becomes the deciding factor of those in the field. But yes, there is definite harmony to be found between UX and AI.