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06 April, 2022

Harness the Power of Branding


We live in a world where everyone likes to crow about their brand and how it’s one a kind, so authentic and legitimate, unlike any other out there. But speaking honestly, just how many of these brands does a user remember, much less, use? More importantly, how are you, the creator of your brand, profiting of your brand?


Sure, a brand depends heavily on visuals – the design, colour palette, font style and aesthetic, but there is so much more to it. How are you as the creator, ensuring your brand is engrained in the memory of the user so that when they consider applying a brand or making use of one, it is yours that comes to mind first?


Competing in a market that is as cutthroat and competitive as the digital one, it is imperative that your brand is…shall we say mnemonic? This means that its very existence relies on leaving a lasting feeling, emotion or even an experience that users can connect with, a key quality that users can relate to in their day-to-day life.


So how do you make that hard-hitting impression that continues well beyond the initial one? For one, brand awareness is key! This basically accounts for how your brand is viewed, comprehended and perceived. The best result is always where the user has a positive impression of the brand and hence, chooses yours over alternate ones that are readily available. Brand recognition is second but no less important. It is where a product or service can immediately be equated to your brand or makes a user think of your brand. This can also be called ‘brand re-call’. While this is all great and necessary, it is also vital to work on brand trust. As long as you are transparent and honest about your business and its transactions, it will automatically draw users to your brand and help build a bond of trust. This enables prospective future customers and also ensures current customers become constant rather than one-off.


While there are many more elements that are supremely useful in ensuring your brand is pulling in every trick in the book to market its product and optimize profits and productivity, these three are pivotal to truly harnessing the power of branding and working it to your benefit. So, what’re you waiting for?


Get harnessing! Get branding!