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22 July, 2022

How To Renovate Digital Skills in Your Worforce

Technologies can come and go, upgrades happen constantly after all but what we often forget is that the force working these technologies often need an upgrade of their own. And this force being mentioned is none other than the human force. They are as big a part of the wheel as any other. It is also a roadblock if not acknowledged and transformed just like everything else in the workplace. 

It’s an unfortunate pressure to be burdened with but no amount of skills and knowledge you have, will ever be enough in the digital world. Why? Because the digital world is forever changing and to keep up with its changes, you need to keep evolving and that requires a constant learning space where you acquire the skills relevant at the time. CPD (continuous professional development) is critical in every work sphere but so much more in the digital world because it ensures you are relevant and of value to a brand/service. 

To be able to transform the skills, we need to look at 3 elements:

  • Toolset: As has happened with almost everything else, learning too has become online. If employees are increased to improve upon their toolset but they have the freedom to do so by accessing content online, regardless of the time or place, the scope for retention rises automatically. Mostly because, learners have the space to learn at their own pace as opposed to face-to-face where they’re expected to ‘keep up’. Digital learning is also useful because companies can then track what and how their employees are learning. Using that, they can intervene when employees are struggling with their learning and provide the required support and can similarly celebrate and congratulate employees who are doing well in their learning and progress they’re making. 


  • Mindset: This involves leadership, culture and strategy While things may seem daunting and overwhelming almost, a brand/company needs to see it as an opportunity to better themselves rather than see it as something that’ll weigh them down, or worse, see it as additional work beyond what they’re already expected to do. Communication and empowerment play a role here. Through conversation with all levels of the organization and a clear vision to share about how the transformation further aids progress the desire to change and improve is a more positive one.
  • Skillset: There is a slowly increasing gap in digital skills and it partially ties in to the element of mindset broached previously. Organizations require certain skillsets and the employees that have, do not have them and because they’ve put off learning them for so long, the race to catch up will keep increasing. There needs to thus be a constant urge to evolve and harness skills that will boost the platform. This also requires that the businesses themselves invest in talent and ensuring their employees are provided with efficient learning spaces. Certifications and accreditations are two ways of tackling it.