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07 June, 2022

Important Tools for SEO Reporting


There are so many components of SEO that make it so incredibly crucial in the digital world. Besides the obvious one where it helps you land high up on search engines, it is also critical because your analysis of SEO and the reporting of its metrics validate the efforts you put in as a content marketer, every single time you put together a campaign or strategy to boost your brand’s image. 


With an understanding of SEO, comes also the requirement of being familiar with SEO Reporting. Through a deep analysis, insights can be gained into the traffic sources of your company/brand and understand much better just how your customers interact with the website. 


Think of SEO Reporting tools as your eyes in the dark that constantly provide you with data that will further evolve your SEO strategy across every channel.

So what are these tools you might ask?


  1. Google Analytics and Google Search Console: Google Analytics is the go-to platform and also the most trusted one. It offers a wealth of information concerning customer demographics, preferences and engagement activities. Google Analytics and Google Search Console are tools that help scale the metrics you have and their relevancy based on specific search based goals. The key metrics to focus on are:
    1. Keyword Rankings
    2. Organic Traffic
    3. Organic Click-Through Rate
    4. Organic Conversions
    5. Top Exit Pages
    6. Domain Authority


  1. KWFinder: This interface is accessible, logical and visually digestible. This interface provides the option to conduct domain based keyword searches and allows to see what terms your competitors might be using. This allows you to look into fresh keywords for optimizing existing content. 


  1. Unbounce Landing Page Analyzer: This page allows for the most effective User Experience based SEO On-Page Analysis. Put in your desired URL and target keywords and the webpage’s algorithm will immediately create a report scoring your website and dig deeper into UX-centric elements that would count. Very intuitive and visually accessible, this tool will help you gain access to priceless SEO analysis insights that you might never have considered before.
  2. PageSpeed Insights: Your page speed performance plays a very important role. This tool details your website’s core web vitals and also provides a breakdown of the speed of your page and its loading performance, a report one would consider super handy when reporting to stakeholders about concrete findings within the business.