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08 April, 2022

Revolutionizing the Online World – One App at a Time

Like with everything else in the world, the online world evolves…perhaps faster than any other field. It’s almost like the entire persona of the online world likes to keep the rest of the world on its toes. While we, mere plebeians of this word, wait with rooted breath asking the perennial question, ‘What will they create next?’

To answer that question, something that began not so long ago was can only be called the transition of websites to apps. While we still use websites, I don’t think there’s a single person who does not have an app on their phone. Heck, there are apps for primary websites that we use as search engine browsers too!

To start this off then, it’s imperative to understand what App Design is. To put it lightly, App Design can be understood as the continuous process of User Interface and User Experience. By using user’s feedback and also detailed research, designers base their ideas around solutions and ideate to come up with more appealing fonts, styles and more pertinently, better producing structure and flow to applications used widely by virtual users

As it common with almost everything on the Internet, it is crucial that app being used engages with the user at all times. After all, how good can an app be if it’s to be deleted after one use alone? Yes of course, sometimes apps are downloaded for a one-time use. But even then, you want for your app to command so much attention and interest that even if it were to be deleted, users would remember it and intentionally re-download the same app again should the need arise, rather than search through for an alternate one.

So, how do you know that your app design is working? Bluntly stated, if its fast, easily usable and garners overall customer satisfaction, it’s ticking all the boxes.