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17 August, 2021

The importance of branding elements

Branding is a set of strategies and activities to shape and manage the perception people have of your brand. It can be described as the total of all experiences people have with your brand. It includes a long-term planning, research, creation and management of the elements of the visual identity and also the essence (purpose, mission and values) of the brand.

It is a continuous process that aims to be able to enhance the perception of the company in the mind of consumers. The objective is to ensure that all stakeholders understand the brand position, increase its relevance in the market, enhance its visibility, and create a good reputation within its audience.

A good and well managed branding helps businesses ensure that they will grow in an intelligent and lasting way, always focused on their brand identity and how they want to be perceived by their target audience.

Having a strong and consistent brand identity is what makes great companies to be easily recognisable. More than creating a strong name and a creative logo, it's creating and managing a universe for your brand that will be exclusive.

Some of the elements of a brand identity are:

• Set of colours: It goes far beyond just visual impact, it is a very strategic element as it influences the decisions we make, even subconsciously. Be aware of the importance of choosing the right colour palette to your brand. It must be meaningful, represent your brand identity and express the essence and purpose of your business.
• Typography: It is responsible for delivering text in an engaging and functional way while express your brand personality. The elements of typography, as for example, type, size, spacing, and hierarchy, defines a style which can transmit specific emotions, perceptions and messages to your audience.
• Logo and icons: it is one of the most essential parts of branding as it is responsible for keeping your business in the mind of customers. An attractive composition of shapes, typography and colours is essential to build a recognisable brand.

Knowing that, the logo it is just a part of the branding. Our teams help business to build their brand identity, from logo creation to designing guides to better use of the elements in your communication channels, in the creation of digital pieces and in the construction or strengthening of your digital presence. Contact us to learn how we can help you.