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05 May, 2022

The Most Important Digital Skills for 2022 and Beyond – Part 2


Continuing from previously stated digital skills that (conventionally or unconventionally) are supremely important in the field of digital marketing in the year 2022, let’s put this out there… Companies demand and more so, require, solid and applicable marketing skills such as paid research, understanding of social media, analytics, website optimization and content marketing.


Why? Because the acceleration in online browsing has skyrocketed and so, the skills needed by these organizations needs to match the behavior, speed and needs of the audience. 


What other skills then do digital marketers looking to leave a pixelated imprint in the world of digital marketing, require?


  • Marketers have the Gig Economy Booming in their Favor


The pandemic and remote working has created a space for the gig economy to boom. To put it concisely, the gig economy is a labor market for short-term contracts and freelancers. Becoming a freelance digital marketer has never been more easy, convenient or welcome than in 2022. 

Being a freelancer comes with one too many benefits such as the lack of the commute, flexible schedule and far more increased personal time. Along with the emergence of the freelancer job title, has emerged a plethora of companies supporting the role. 

This means becoming a digital nomad well might be a good thing! Why? Because it offers the flexibility of a freelance job with the bonus of moving from city to city or country to country. There are reports that digital nomads in fact earn more!


  • Marketers have to Upskill to stay Relevant


While the opportunities do seem endless, the problem being faced by many marketers is the lack of skills needed to grow and succeed in the digital space. Keeping your skills up-to-date is crucial and it should be as natural as breathing air. How to stay up-to-date?

  • Keep an eye out for digital marketing influencers in an area you’re interested in
  • Subscribe to expert blogs or podcasts
  • Enroll in digital marketing courses, short or intensive, they’ll provide you with skills you didn’t know you needed
  • Ask about in-house training at your current employment or if there’s a training fund that can be outsourced
  • Connect with other professionals on networks such as LinkedIn to be found and to stay connected.


There’s no doubt a lot of hard work involved and it takes energy and a willingness to commit but once done, the fruits borne of this endeavor are far sweeter than the sweat lost.

If you wish to survive in this competitive world, stay ahead of the game and don’t let the other fish in the sea get bigger than you!