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22 April, 2022

Tips To Get You Started in Digital Marketing

It is a truth universally acknowledged that recruiters across the globe look for potential employees, who display excellent written and verbal skills, show the ability to undertake independent research and have good time management skills. How do these skills then tie into the recruitment of digital marketing? 

Well, those seeking entry-level roles or graduate scheme jobs have the golden opportunity to combine these prerequisites with certain key skills every recruiter is on the lookout for and wham! you have yourself a job offer for sure!

  • Knowledge Expansion by finding Informative Resources Online

Start by learning the basics, try and decipher the root understanding of what digital marketing entails and its very many different components. This not only shows a good grasp of knowledge but also displays an eagerness to learn. There is no dearth of resources available and knowledge prior to applying will always provide for a welcome upper hand

  • Undertake Free Resources and Training Courses

Google is a vast and infinite pool of resources. Lucky for us, this infinity pool comes with many free perks and by free perks, the implication lies in the many free resources and training courses available to solidify one’s skillset and further strengthen the resume. Many of these also provide certifications upon completion, which can be added to LinkedIn or simply be stated on the CV

  • Try and Garner Relevant Work Experience

Any experience is good experience in the professional world but if a work experience placement is successfully completed before actively seeking long-term or full-term employment, it helps stand out among other job seekers. This work experience also helps give a feel as to what digital marketing is really like. Being proactive is up there when looking for work experience.

Unfortunately, with how competitive the digital marketing field has become, simply applying with A grade scores from university doesn’t make the cut. Just like digital marketing is about engagement and thinking out of the box creatively, so must potential employees work for the job by seeking out ways to stand out and catch the attention from recruiters. At the end of the day, if you can’t market yourself, how can you market anything else?