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27 December, 2021

UX…UI… What Now?

While there’s not one person who can’t be found with their head buried in their phone, laptop or tablet, only a niche portion of these gadget-addicted crowds would know, much less be familiar with the terms UX and UI.

Now for those who still feel wary about technology, these might seem quite daunting but like me, when you realize what they stand for, it’s very acceptable to blush. They’re that obvious, in a not-so-obvious way.

While UX is short for User Experience, UI, you might have guessed it at this point, is an abbreviation for User Interface. Told you, not that daunting once you know what they really are.

So, now that we know what they stand for, let’s understand their purpose a little better, shall we?

As the name suggests, UX, is all about ensuring the experience of a user is effective and enjoyable. This experience, be it positive or negative, depends entirely on the digital experience being offered to the user through the screen. For optimal user experience, this design by the agency shouldn’t just be about looking and working well.

Where earlier, this experience was more a choice, now it is a demand. Users desire for an experience that is emotionally stimulating and in this point in time, the success of a business hinges on it.

On a similar wavelength, UI is all about the aesthetic. From color palettes, to fonts and animations, it is the UI design that ultimately brings in the right kind of viewers and is successful in converting them into consumers. The most important responsibility of those in the field of UI is to create and implement a design that is from the perspective of a user but is driving home the vision and brand of a company.

Simply put, one cannot be without the other. Both are crucial pillars for the building of a website. Like two inseparable best friends, UI and UX must go together because what’s the point of having the good looks if they can’t garner a good experience?