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21 March, 2022

Website Design and Development: the Know-How

Website Design and Development: the Know-How



Website design has been around as long as websites have been. It has always been about making sure the website being used is accessible, efficient and provides everything that the user might require while browsing. It was far simpler at one point though and when one compares the creation of websites between how they look now and how they once looked, there is a ginormous difference…not just in visual appearance but also in the process required to enhance this development.


The first website came to exist in the 1990s and one simple look is enough to understand just how complex website design has become since. The system of website design has developed and evolved over time and now require critical skills that were otherwise never considered or deemed necessary.


As it suggests, website design entails designing and structuring what a website should look like whereas website development looks into how a website should function for any user.


When it comes to website design, website designers and creators are constantly looking to enhance websites to make them extremely user-friendly, ensuring the website is comprehensible without frustrating users which can often happen especially if a website isn’t providing exactly what a user is looking for. Or, if a user is constantly browsing and scavenging the entire website trying to find something that they believe should be attainable with the click of a button.


To ensure this irritability never occurs and to ensure a smooth usage of a website, website designers focus on multiple elements:

  • Layout
  • Visual Hierarchy
  • Navigation
  • Colour
  • Graphics
  • Speed
  • Accessibility

Using these, website design is conceptualized and created. It focuses on all these elements to ensure that the website being created, plays not just on the viewer’s visual senses but also on their comfort and confidence to click on a website, browse through it and use if in a manner that if efficient but friendly!