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09 May, 2022

What are the Top Content Marketing and SEO Trends

Let’s be real, regardless of who we are and what we like or don’t like, we depend on content. We search it out and view it, engage with it and thrive off of it. Whether it’s because it is enjoyable or because it validates our opinion, we depend on content to an extent.

Unsurprisingly then, content marketing has become a thing and over the years, developed itself into a reliable and dependable strategy be it for brand expansion, marketing, generation of leads or to drive conversions for brands. 

A key note to bear in mind though is that SEO is an important strand of content marketing. Why? Because SEO is what enables you should you wish to be found on search engines and since that is the penultimate goal, SEO optimization is supremely crucial. Marketers all round will unashamedly admit that they heavily invest in content marketing since it measures their success quite heavily. 

While ranking on the first page of a Google search means you have won, it is getting harder to rank content in an organic manner. To clear this issue, Google tends to work on usability and accessibility. As a content marketer then, the adjustment of four key elements will help with better strategization. 

  • Plan for branded search
  • Research your people
  • Set up tracking for keywords and searches
  • Question based google searches are on the rise 

Now with that on the back burner, let’s run through the SEO trends that you as a content marketer should not only know of but be as familiar with as you are with the back of your hand. 

  • Great imagery will be a heavier focus by Google Discover
  • Interactive Content is to be on the Rise 
  • Content Creation might start working in tandem with AI (artificial Intelligence)
  • Answer-Based Content

Developments are in the pipeline and that means opening up of opportunities. The key though, despite being aware of trends and being hopped up on skills, is to know your audience. That will always set the tone.