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09 December, 2021

What is Digital Marketing and Why is it Important?

It is an unsurmisable fact that the Internet has become a crutch for every individual that uses it. It is everywhere, palpable in almost every action we take and we are on the brink of entering a world that is more digital than anything else. Unsurprisingly then, our preference when it comes to marketing, for the most part, leans heavily towards the digital world as well and why not? It is fast, convenient, accessible and achievable on the go, regardless of location or time.

For those who’ve just entered this field or are still dipping their toes hesitatingly, here’s what the world of digital marketing entails. Every and all efforts made in an attempt to market, regardless of the device being used to do so, are encompassed in this world. There was a time where this meant marketing using more ‘traditional’ techniques – search engines, emails, and social media advertisements – basically, you’re go to options when you wish to be able to sell a product or service. This field has blown up so much more since then. Whether you’re sat at home playing video games, chatting to your friends or simply playing videos to keep you company, digital marketing is now able to successfully reach out to its users through any of these other forums as well, often vying for their attention with a product or service they might not even be aware of yet.

Now that we’ve got the ‘what’ out of the way, let’s chase after the ‘why’.

While time is of the essence, digital marketing isn’t just effective in saving you many a minute, it is also cost effective. Where traditional advertising requires more resources and targets select audiences at select times, digital marketing launches itself at larger audiences with a keener eye towards aiming for target audiences. Not only does this heighten chances of attaining success in selling the brand, digital marketing also allows for one to measure their points of success and failure, allowing for malleable game plans wherever necessary.

Marketing is and has always been about connecting, making sure you are there for your audience, especially when they need you more than you need them. Digital marketing allows you to do so through a forum where you will never not see someone: the Internet.