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31 March, 2022

What you need for a better SEO experience

Just like everything else on the Internet, there is so much to know and learn about SEO services. Yes, it is a tool to aid on the Internet but if you’re only just dipping your toes into this digital world, it definitely does good to know what is the most efficient manner in which this tool could be utilized.


As has been understood, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services are used when you want your website to garner heavy traffic and as much traction as possible. But how does one use SEO services? What are the factors involved?

To put it roughly, there are five important aspects to keep in mind when exercising SEO services. These are:


  1. Content
  2. User Feedback Metrics
  3.  User Experience (UX)
  4. Technical On-Site Factors
  5. Backlinks


In a similar manner, there are certain skills that are essential when using SEO services. These specific services ensure that your website competes and wins against all other websites offering the same or similar services. When deciding on a plan of action for SEO services that fulfill exactly what you require, you need to combine skills like:


  1. HTML
  2. Javascript
  3. CSS
  4. Content Development
  5. Creative Design
  6. Web Strategy
  7. Videography
  8. UX/UI
  9. PR


Now, having got a gist of the how, it is crucial to also take account of the ‘what’ and by that, one means what kind of SEO services should be used. Each SEO service is unique to the business being marketed and the website being advertised.  Just like you would take the time to design, brand, market and advertise your product best suited to the clients/consumers you are targeting, similarly, you have to ensure the SEO program you are using is tailored to exactly what you and your business needs. For that, here’s what a comprehensive SEO Service would look like:


  1. Goal Definition
  2. Technical Site Audit
  3. Off-Page Optimization
  4. On-Page Optimization
  5. Content Analysis and Strategy
  6. Keyword Strategy
  7. Reporting
  8. Website Support
  9. Competitor Analysis
  10. Content Creation


So now that you know what SEO is, how it works, why it is needed and which tools are best for it, what’re you waiting for/ Get started on making sure your website is the first to be seen!