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24 June, 2022

Why Your Business Should Be Investing In Digital Transformation


It doesn’t matter if your business has been around for many a years. It also does not matter if your business up until this point has been massively successful. If your business isn’t embracing digital technologies and digital channels that are actively working towards customer satisfaction, you’re not doing things right from a business standpoint, strictly speaking.

By investing time, money and energy into a digital transformation, your business is working towards better engagement, improved efficiency and a reduction in time for marketing of products and services. 

It is no longer optional, it is now a necessity and here are some reasons why:

  1. Consumer Culture: We as a digitally influenced generation, live off of content, be it videos, photos, blogs etc. Print media was once relevant, not anymore. Today, there’s a hunger for visual content and to connect with target audiences, digital channels are the way to do it. 

A video that previously went viral showcased how today’s youngsters aren’t even aware of what a postage stamp looks like. Needless to say, their awareness of digital communication on the other hand is far vaster by leaps and bounds.

Also, let’s admit it, we go to bed with our phones. We also wake up with them. Lesson to remember: optimize your digital content and enable a seamless experience for your customers from one device to another. 


  1. The State of Digital Transformation: Covid-19 forced businesses all over to dive headfirst into the digital space and transform overnight. Having been forced into this transformation, companies have focused their digital services on what customers need and how they can provide it. While this transformation was unexpected, it is now the only way to go ahead for the foreseeable future. 

What this subtly implies is that your business requires a digitally competent team with a clear understanding of how digital tech can be used for profit. 


  1. The Power of Digital Transformation: There is a visible correlation between digital transformation and financial performance. Revenue generation is always the primary goal and those companies that have consistently worked on their digital journey display far higher revenue growths than companies that haven’t.

One word: Amazon. Let this beast of a digital company be an example of just how well and successfully digitalized companies can make money. Digital products and online subscriptions will always be preferred over print in today’s world.

A massive chunk of today’s population has been and continues to be born into the digital era. They’re native to the digital world. More than hedging products to older generations that still seem hesitant, the aim is to continue attracting the generation of the digitally minded and to do that, digital transformation is a must.