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20 May, 2022

Will UX Designers Be Replaced By AI

It’s been established that AI and UX Designers can work in harmony. Phew for that. But would it really come as a surprise if some day AI surprises UX Designers and can take over what UX Designers do? Perhaps. Think for a second, based on programming and optimization, considering cost and time management, maybe AI has it in it to outdo UX Designers… 


But here’s where we give ourselves, the humans a little more credit.


Sure, AI is getting smarter, faster and more complex but so are humans. By using AI to cut down on time, humans are in turn gaining time to become even more creative and build on even smarter choices than they did before. 


The opportunities accessible through AI are endless but so is the human mind’s potential to create wonders.


  1. Understanding Human Motivation: No matter how much AI evolves, it will never comprehend emotion and so, will never grasp the power of motivation. Humans understand humans and so their understanding of how a design or business idea will be responded to will always be better than AI’s. The only upper hand AI has here is their neutral stance and ability to constantly be objective.


  1. Creativity: Creativity was and always will be inherent to humans. Sure, AI can create a semi-decent looking piece of art or model but it will be based on previous designs, an impression of another impression. Humans on the other hand can be innovative and breathe life to aesthetics. AI x UI can create groundbreaking products but left to themselves, AI can only Ctrl + C and then sort of Ctrl + P  


  1. Human Relations: Being social plays in the favor of humans. AI will never be able to achieve fluidity of conversation. Humans will never be as comfortable communicating with a chat box as they are with humans. In this case, UX developers are hands down better at building interactions than AI
  2. Decision Making: Ultimate decisions are too important for AI to make. Through human intervention and unbiased knowledge of AI, better business decisions can be made but definitely not by relying solely on AI’s input

Lower budgets might perhaps be the only reason why the thought of AI taking over jobs of UX designers ever arises. But if companies are looking for gold standard, UX designers are a must and so they’re here to stay. Humans still rule!