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13 December, 2021

You are your Brand

Unless you’re living under a rock, the word ‘BRAND’ has probably entered your orbit sometime or the other in the recent past. Phrases like ‘that’s not my brand’ or ‘that’s so on brand’ are here to stay and if you wish for your content to be more than just a product, if you want it to be an experience in itself, well, it’s time you create your very own brand.

Take for example Coca Cola. The very name brings to mind the shiny red label, the white cursive and the original glass bottle. That is what it means to be a brand. To be so much more than just what it sells. A brand is to be an anthem in itself.

What does it mean then when you hear – you are your brand?

Well, what you create is the very foundation of what you represent. Your platform depends on how your audience perceives you, what they want from you and how you streamline your work to align with their needs. Your brand then is the very representation of the unity between your content, creativity and marketing strategy appealing to a digital world that is being played by some of the best strategies.

Your goal is for you to stand out. When you do, so does your brand.

And so, your brand is you and you are your brand.